Transition Repeater Carbon GX eMTB

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Get ready to experience the ultimate ride with Transition Repeater Carbon GX eMTB! Our innovative 29" wheels and 160mm travel paired with a Shimano EP8 motor system and 630w battery will provide you with a thrill like no other - no matter if it's a quick rip, a fun commute, or a weekend adventure. Not to mention our SBG geometry and GiddyUp suspension for unparalleled comfort & control. Get ready for your next ride - get Transition Repeater today!

Conquer the paths and ride like never before with Transition Repeater. Featuring SBG geometry and our GiddyUp suspension system for low-speed agility, front-wheel traction, and proper weight balance, it's the perfect mountain bike for all skill levels. Plus, the low-hung weight from the powerful EP8 motor will make you feel glued to the ground while you take it to the next level. Get ready to experience exceptional handling and maximum confidence. Featuring long chainstays that offer superior climbing and stability for your most daring descents. Plus, you can trust in its E-bike-rated components, including wheels, brakes, and tyres. Combining a Shimano EP8 system with a Shimano full-colour display gives you 85Nm of torque, 250W continuous power, and 500W peak power to blast up hills and conquer any terrain. The 630Wh removable battery means you can swap for a spare for an extended range. This full Shimano system is ready to use right out of the box, meaning you can find replacement parts anywhere and even borrow a charger from a friend. Experience the ease and reliability of Transition Repeater Carbon GX eMTB, the perfect solution for all your charging needs!

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Transition Repeater Carbon GX eMTB