The future of cycling!!!!..... all you need to do is ride one & your understanding of this type of bike will change. We stock some of the best brands in this era of change... Haibike, Ghost, Cube, Benno, Corratec and Tern, with our range constantly growing.

Pop into the shop and have a chat and take a test ride where we can explain the differences and advantages of riding the e-bike.


Haibike Trekking hybrid eBikes and e-MTBs can take you from the city streets to the highest peaks

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Exceptional bicycles with incredible world-class performance that live up to its hype

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Founded in 1993 in Germany, the company has become a market leader in mid to premium mountain bikes

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Benno Bikes have been dubbed the The Etility™ Bike. Finding the perfect balance of comfort, style, performance, quality and price.

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Join the global tribe of off-road riding fanatics with GAS GAS! Bikes designed to provide you with an intense and exhilarating ride,

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Tern Bicycles produce some of the finest folding electric bikes on the market. They also make the unique and class leading GSD do it all, Swiss army knife of a bike, come in and check it out...

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Step up your biking game with Husqvarna E-bikes! With 100+ years of experience, we bring you the latest and greatest in two-wheeled technology

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Rocky Mountain

From downhill to cross-country, experience the thrill of riding. Their bikes are strong, durable and light, making them perfect for any terrain

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Cube hybrid

Whether you're looking for a bike to double up on the daily commute and weekend exploring, or an off-road companion to broaden your horizons, we've a CUBE hybrid hardtail to suit you.

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Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz Bicycles has established itself as a leader in the industry, producing top-of-the-line downhill, cross-country, and electric bikes.

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Raymon BIKES

Get ready to explore new horizons with Raymon Bikes! Our e-trekking models are perfect for getting off the beaten track or taking on any adventure.

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Transition Bikes

Our bikes are designed with adventure in mind and are crafted from the highest quality materials for durability, performance and reliability

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