Santa Cruz Heckler

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The Santa Cruz Heckler is the perfect bike for conquering any terrain. Whether you're tackling steep descents or challenging climbs, you'll have the confidence to ride your best with its 150mm rear travel and 160mm travel fork. Plus, the interchangeable 720Wh battery capacity gives riders unprecedented access to remote trails and the ability to maximise their off-road adventures. Get ready to redefine what's possible on two wheels!

Get ready to shred with the Santa Cruz Heckler! This state-of-the-art mountain bike is built with the best materials, production processes and a lifetime warranty. Enjoy a smooth and responsive ride with the next-gen SRAM Eagle Transmission; for added strength, the Full Mount hangerless attachment gives you a strong connection to the frame, and the super strong derailleur provides unprecedented strength. Make your way along the cliff paths like never before with Santa Cruz Heckler!

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