Etility - the practical future of the E-bike

What is meant by Etility? Simply put, it is an everyday e-bike engineered with the perfect blend of ride dynamics, cargo capacity and good looks. To some this is the game changer, a bike that has so many different guises, a utilitarian tool that can carry children, the dog or a load of shopping.

There are some great examples of this, Tern have in their Ebike ranges the Vektron one of the best folding bikes on the market due to its use of the Bosch system, and the multi purpose HSD range which are easy to ride, compact to store (particularly useful in Jersey if you live in town) and can carry a whole lot of cargo. We also stock Benno another brand whose Etility credentials have earned them many plaudits with the likes of their E-boost and RemiDemi ranges. Come see these amazingly versatile bikes for yourself at Aarons Bikes.